Mark Burgess, B.S. Ocean Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

"I solve problems in an effective and efficient manner always thinking “out of the box”. You won’t find anyone more committed to servicing client’s needs, and finishing the job properly. My word is my guarantee."

To listen to our clients' needs and provide quality professional services with a realistic approach at the lowest possible cost. By considering all aspects of a project, we work together to provide the best possible outcome.

Our first priority is to serve our clients' needs, and in doing so provide a benefit to all involved. The way we do this is to review all of the available options, discuss them with the client and then proceed in a phased approach. In this way projects are prepared with the best chance of success, lessening the chance for project revisions during the permitting process. This reduces the time and expense to get projects approved.

Testimonials | Mark Burgess at Shorefront Consulting

What people are saying...Mark dealt with our project as if it was his own; concentrating on the details and making sure we could get the desired results. He was excellent!

Project Management
Customer service, Permit applications, Public presentations, Shorefront evaluations, Inspections, and Construction supervision.
Site Development
Field survey, Hydrographic survey, Resource area delineation, and Grading.
Drafting and Design Collaboration
Civil, Marine and Structural projects, Proficiency in AutoCAD and computer applications for drafting and plan development.
Certified Diver, Underwater inspections, evaluations and reports.


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