• Wetlands Permitting (Coastal and Inland)
    Coastal and Inland resource area and boundary determination, conservation filings of all types, public hearing presentations.

  • Design Services
    Shorefront Consulting provides complete permitting and project management services, and collaborates with licensed engineers to provide the optimum design for new projects. Peer review provides an extra layer of quality control. In this way we provide a complete and comprehensive package of services for all types of wetland projects.

  • Dock Feasibility Studies, Design and Permitting of New Docks
    First, a flat rate service to determine your chances of getting a dock approved before you commit to design and permitting. If feasible, then a proposal is issued for a complete package of services required to design and permit a new dock at that location.

  • Shorefront Protection Projects and Permitting
    Design collaboration and permitting of coastal engineered structures such as rock revetments, bulkheads, and seawalls, and "soft" solutions such as slope grading and revegetation, fiber roll installation, erosion control matting, etc. for both coastal and inland bank stabilization projects.

  • AutoCad Drafting
    Electronic drafting of site plans, permit plans and details, as well as house plans, additions, framing details, etc.

  • Underwater Inspections
    Certified diver - inspections and reports for pile supported structures, anchoring systems, eel grass determination, and dock prop scour evaluation. Shallow water photography.

  • Shorefront Evaluations
    Flat rate service to evaluate the shorefront entities of a property including existing waterfront structures existing permits, and coastal bank erosion evaluation. Similar to a house inspection, but on the outside, have your property evaluated prior to selling or buying to avoid last minute surprises. If restoration work is needed, a proposal for services will be issued along with the report.

  • Construction Management
    Once a project is approved, additional services including preparation of bid packages, contractor selection, progress inspections and reports, and project closeout can be added to any project to help keep things running smoothly.

  • Expert Project Management
    For over 25 years, Mark has managed many complex projects ranging from $5,000 to over $650,000 for both commercial and residential entities. From start to finish, effective communication, maintaining priorities, and customer service keeps projects on track.

  • NOAA Fisheries Observer
    Mark is certified as an Observer for the National Marine Fisheries Observer Program, periodically going out to sea on commercial fishing boats. Mark collects data and reports on total catch and discards for over 120 finfish and groundfish species for the Scallop fishery. He is also certified as an At-Sea Monitor, focusing on the discards for the gillnet, trawler, and longline fisheries. While at sea, Mark is also permitted to tag and sample marine mammals, sea turtles, and other endangered species. The data is used to assist scientists in assessing fish stocks and helping endangered species. Mark is also a Certified Dredge Material Inspector for the US Army Corps of Engineers for New York Harbor dredging projects.

Land and Sea Projects
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